lunedì 5 settembre 2011

The One Where I Talk About My Projects

I was talking with my friends Lily and Kohai the other day and I got this potentially wonderful idea: taking pictures of us wearing or holding something that we think best represents how we see ourselves. This will be interesting since we are extremely different from each other: Lily doesn't care about clothes AT ALL and channels her personality through photographs and hip hop dancing whereas Kohai is generally a huge fan of pretty colourful things and an avid reader (I'll be surpised if she doesn't incorporate something related to Alice in Wonderland) and as for me...well,this is going to be a tough one since I have no idea what could possibly represent me XD (if Hachi were here this would turn in a long philosophical debate about knowing your true self but today I'm not in the mood for introspection,like,at all).
While we begin this *deep* search within ourselves that could take weeks knowing Kohai and me,there's another project I'm starting to work on: Addi(c)tions.

In short,it's a list of things,books,people or places that have influenced me or simply caught my eye during the year,ranging from the most insignificant object to a phrase that deeply changed my viewpoint about life.Here's a taste of what's to come :)

(Chanel Le Vernis N° 531 - Péridot; Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2's ticket; picture from this sumer in Calabria; the back of a dress I designed and a Milan Metro's ticket)  

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